What To Do With Failed Yogurt?

If you are tired of my yogurt adventures, you may want to peruse some of my earlier posts. Otherwise, keep reading.

Yesterday, I needed to make yogurt, again, because we have been making smoothies everyday for breakfast. While my milk was heating up, I was online talking to my friends via Facebook and instant messenger. After awhile, I realized I forgot about my milk and ran to the kitchen in a panic. The milk had a skin on it but otherwise had not curdled. Phew!

Once it reached the desired temperature, I placed it in an ice bath. Then, I went back to gabbing with friends. (Do not worry, Dustin was sleeping while all this was going on. I was not neglecting him) Again, I forgot about it. This time I was late by 10 degrees. The yogurt starter needs to be added at 115-10 degrees and I added it at 100.

After mixing in the starter, I put it in my preheated 170 degree oven.  Now, I forgot to set a timer. After about 7 hours, I pulled it out and it had only slightly thickened. All my fooling around had wasted a gallon of milk and the rest of my starter. Since you cannot just reheat and try again, I had to find other uses for my disaster.

While searching the internet, other people had suggested using it in place of buttermilk. The only way I know to use buttermilk is to bake with it. Although this is a great suggestion, it has been 106 degrees where I live (another possible factor of my failed yogurt) and I was not about to bake something requiring “buttermilk”.  However, coffee cake did sound really good. Another suggestion was to add flavored gelatin. Which would act as a thickener and given you a drinkable “smoothie”. I did not have any gelatin in flavors I considered acceptable, so that was not going to work.

Thinking about how I usually use yogurt in place of milk and the fact that I may have pudding mix, I decided to make pudding. Chocolate Pudding! So, I searched my cupboards for some. I used 6 cups of “yogurt” and 2 packages of mix, yielding almost a half gallon of pudding.

Dustin had a great time licking the whisk. Normally, I would have never allowed him to do this, but I needed photos for my blog because Grandma says there has not been enough lately. ;)

Yummy In My tummy

What the heck am I going to do with all this pudding? Well, chocolate cream pie is one of Hubs favorites.  I always think it is just pudding in a pie shell, which it is and therefore, do not understand what the fuss is all about. Anyway, I went out to the store and purchased a chocolate cookie pie crust and some frozen whipped topping. While in the baking aisle, Dustin decided I needed to buy more pudding and gelatin mix and emptied one of the shelves into my cart. Aren’t children adorable?

Stay Where You Are & No One Gets Hurt

After thawing the frozen whipped topping, I folded it into half the pudding until completely combined. Then, I poured it into the pie shell and topped it with dark chocolate shavings. Finally, I placed it into the fridge to set up.

Mmmmmm... PIE!

Now that I have been so creative with the first half of my disaster, I have run out of ideas for what is remaining. Maybe, I will just add gelatin and the wise internet people said and be done with it. I will leave that decision for another days problem.

The bottom line here is that even though things may not turn out as you expect, you can always turn it to something you enjoy. Anyone want to come over for pie?

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5 comments to What To Do With Failed Yogurt?

  • Grannie

    Thanks for the pictures. I love reading your blog but pictures make it so much better!

  • I agree with you, Grandma. The pictures do make it better, I just do not have as much time to deal with them since DZ is so active

  • Tina

    Love this. Love the picture of him holding the wisk- I WANT MORE NOW. hee he

    Miss you guys and hopefully see you soon.

    hugs and kisses to you.


  • http://theleftoverslady.blogspot.com/
    Wow, I am impressed with your ability to use everything and recreate it. Good job! I have some failed yogurt I was going to re heat. I guess I need to just give up and use it like buttermilk.
    Thanks for the ideas!
    Lindsey´s last [type] ..Eight layers in the crock pot

  • Thank you very much, Lindsey. I really do not like throwing things away. I usually cook dinner by determining what ingredients are about to expire in my fridge and need to be used. Unfortunately, my yogurt has failed more than once for a variety of reasons. Too cold (milk or location) or too old (starter yogurt) are usually the cause. Using it as buttermilk is a great way to use it. Now, is the time to get your baking hat on. :)

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